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General rules and policies for Organized Groups

Definition of Organized group: Any organized group of persons interested in a get-together for the purpose of enjoyment and fellowship. Organized groups are generally considered: church groups, business employees, members of fraternal organizations, athletic associations, credit unions, class reunions, family reunions, etc. Owners of taverns qualify for rental only if regular patrons are invited and that the owner does not use the rental for profit.   Also, no individual is permitted rental if such individual previously sells tickets to persons not related to an organized group.

1.        BMSA opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM, unless prior arrangements are made and approved by BMSA.

2.        Clubhouse and its facilities are not included in the rental.

3.        The rental group must obtain liability insurance coverage for the date the BMSA facilities are rented. A copy of said policy must be provided to the BMSA prior to the rental date. The BMSA, its officers, members, or agents are not responsible for any injuries or damages to any party using the BMSA facilities.

4.        NO PETS are permitted on the grounds.

5.        The group must obey swimming pool hours or the lifeguard will dismiss violators from the pool area or club itself. Pool opens at 1 PM and closes at 6 PM on Saturdays and Sundays and other days by prior appointment, weather permitting.

6.        NO DIVING in the pool.

7.        No swimming in the large or small dam.

8.        Fishing for fun only. Must be 16 years old or younger to fish. Must use barb less hooks and return all fish to pond.

9.        No thumbtacks or staples in tables. (Violators will forfeit their entire deposit)

10.     Please observe posted directions.

11.     BMSA is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

12.     BMSA does not provide food or beverages.

13.     BMSA does not provide recreational equipment items such as volleyballs, horseshoes, basketballs, etc.

14.     BMSA leases the premises as is. It provides no services. Organizations are required to provide their own policing and crowd control.

15.     The cost of any BMSA equipment missing or damaged will be assessed to the renter.

16.     If two groups rent the grounds on the same day, all facilities except for the pavilions are to be shared equally (i.e., charcoal pits, horseshoe pits, swimming pool, etc.)

17.     Pavilion must be swept, tables cleared and garbage placed into the dumpsters. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the clean-up deposit.

18.     If a group rents the small pavilion and on the date of the rental the large pavilion is not rented, the renting group may not use the large pavilion unless an additional fee of $100 is paid. You may only use the pavilion your group has rented for the day even if the other pavilion is not rented. If this rule is violated the BMSA will bill the group for the use of those facilities not previously paid for.

19.     Representatives of the outside group who signs the contract must be 21 years old or older.

20.     Picnic chairman is responsible for informing his group of the rules and policies set forth in this agreement, and must be present at all times during the rental period.

21.    Firearms are not permitted to be discharged during any function on club property, including the rifle range.

22.     No tables of any type are permitted on the dance floor.

23.     No motorized vehicles of any type are permitted under the pavilion.

24.     The operation of ATV’s or Dirt Bikes is not permitted on the

lub property.

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Rate Schedule

Saturday & Sunday Rates
Large pavilion-                            $450.00 (maximum occupancy 600)

Small pavilion-                            $275.00 (maximum occupancy 200)


Monday-Friday Rates

Large Pavilion-                            $300.00(maximum occupancy 600)Small Pavilion-                            $175.00(maximum occupancy 200)


Fund Raiser events (large pavilion)       $1,000.00 per day  (maximum occupancy  600)


Clean-up deposit                          $50.00

General deposit                            $50.00

Total deposit                               $100.00

Deposits will be returned approximately 60 days after the rental date, provided there is no damage and the pavilions are completely cleaned.

The large pavilion has beer taps, a small cooler, and cold running water.

The small pavilion has beer taps, and cold running water.


Reservations and Cancellation policies


1.        The date requested will not be guaranteed if payment in full is not received within fourteen days of the mailing date of the contract.

2.       Any rental agreement canceled after payment has been received, said rental group would be reimbursed 1/2 of the rental fee if BMSA were notified at least 30 days prior to the rental date. There will be no refund of any funds paid for the rental if canceled within 30 days prior to the contracted rental date.

3.        If there are any questions regarding these rules and policies please contact the BMSA (814-942-0956) between the hours of 9 AM and 12 noon.


Enclosed are 2 copies of the rental contract and rules and policies. Please keep one copy for your records and sign one copy of each and return them with the payment in full (do not send cash) to: 

Victor A. Gioiosa, Jr.

3237 Colonel Drake Hwy
Altoona, PA  16601
Phone: (814) 943-5992


Thank you for renting the BMSA picnic facilities.

I have read and understand all the rules, policies and conditions as set forth in this document and the rental contract. I will communicate these game rules, policies and conditions to all those who attend our unction.


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Chairman’s signature 

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